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Important !


Because of the high temperatures from the last period we will postpone the Hot Spot races, the semi-final and the final for a week.

Therefore the semi-final will be on 5.09 from 350 km. and the final will be on 12.09 from 450 km.

We wish you luck !

Collecting pigeons from Europe

In the: 28, 29, 30 of April. My friend Bibi Stefanescu, from Balkanic Fair-Play, collects pigeons from Europe.

Who wants to send pigeons to Dracula One Loft Race please contact:

 Belgium 28th of April, please contact:

Natural Granen / Eddy Grootjans – Tel: 0032 496 793225

Florin Tibichi – Tel: 0032 485 177395

Transport cost: 10 EUR / pigeon.

Netherlands - 28th of April, Please contact:

Jaap Koehoorn – Tel.: 0031 318 553662

Sergio Ferreira – Tel.: 0031 611 566853

Transport cost: 10 EUR / pigeon.

Germany 29th of April, Please contact:

Werner Waldow – Tel.: 0049 172 2626841

Karl-Heinz Lang – Tel.: 0049 6403902713

Transport cost: 10 EUR / pigeon.

Czech Republik 29th of April, please contact:

Zdenek Pavlik  – Tel.: 0042 0776 500366

Transport cost: 10 EUR / pigeon.

Slovakia - 30th of April, Please contact:

Daniel Krajcik – Tel.: 00421 907 280 336

Transport cost: 10 EUR / pigeon.

* Would you like to participate in our race?

* Please contact us to arrange the best location we can pick up your pigeons, 0040723345543 Bibi !

Important !


Because of bad weather, the first HOT SPOT is deferred !

Collection of pigeons from Europe

If you want to send to Dracula One Loft Race !

This weekend (8 – 10 may) our friend Bibi Stefanescu from Balkanic one loft race collects pigeons from Europe and United Kingdom, after 2nd week-end of May.

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Important !


On the 15.05.2014. it will be displayed the inventory of the missing pigeons. Participants whose pigeons are missing will be able to replace them for free until the 30.05.2014. Those who can not replace pigeons for various reasons, will have free seats in the 2015 edition, equal to the number of pigeons which lacked.

Happy Easter !

happy E


Loft Regulations

1. Subscribed pigeons should wear rings since 2014.
2. Receiving the pigeons: March 1 to May 15.
3. Pigeons must be healthy and vaccinated against Paramyxovirus at least 10 days before bringing them to the loft.
4. The ACTIVE pigeon is defined as the pigeon whose activation fee was paid.
5. Only the ACTIVE pigeons compete for prizes.
6. The “method of darkness” will be used to ensure equal opportunities, in terms of moulting.

Fees and methods of payment:

1. Maintenance fee: 15 €. (60 LEI) / pigeon (paid when pigeons are brought at the loft). A breeder, tandem or union may register an unlimited number of pigeons.
To every 4 pigeons registered by a breeder, tandem or union the fifth pigeon is free of the registration tax.
2. Activation fee: 25 €. (100 LEI) / pigeon. Pigeons are activated no later than two weeks before The Final (500 km). If a bird is lost after the activation payment and is not basketed for The FINAL, the activation fee will be returned in full.
3. Inactivated pigeons two weeks before The Final (that is 14 days before The Final) will be posted on the website and can be activated by any other person. Any prizes won will be awarded to the person who activated the pigeon, but it will compete under the name of the initial breeder (who has registered the pigeon).
4. The boarding for The Final will be conducted by a commission made up of more participants. Anyone wishing to attend is welcome!
5. Payments can be made by bank transfer to the following accounts:

Beneficiary: Iusan Ciprian Darius

Bank Transilvania, Bistrita, Romania



The Ace-Pigeon Championship:

1. All pigeons participate in The Ace-Pigeon Championship, but only activated pigeons can win the prizes.
2. The winner is the pigeon which has the lowest flying time (while in air) obtained after performing all stages of the contest and also performing in The Final.
3. In case of equality, the winning pigeon will be the one with the best place in The Final.

Distribution of activation fees and prizes:

1. The total of the activation fees will be divided as follows: 10% for the Ace-Pigeon Championship awards, 75% for the prizes from The Final and 15% for the organizers.
2. The total of the prizes depends on the number of pigeons which were activated.
3. 10% of the basketed pigeons for The Final will be awarded; the 10 pigeons which arrive first will receive trophies and the remaining winners, diplomas. At The Ace-pigeon Championship awards and trophies will be awarded to the first 3 pigeons.


1. Pigeons which arrive on the Final will be auctioned on the internet.
2. The person who registered the pigeon will receive 50% of the amount after deducting the auction expenses.
3. The counter value of the pigeons which were not activated by the person who registered them, nor by any one else, it will go entirely to the organizers.
4. People who do not send the pedigree of the pigeons until the date of The Final will lose the right of the 50% from the value of the auction.
5. The remaining unsold pigeons after the auction become the property of the loft.


The organizers reserve the right to change or modify the date / place of conducting any contest, depending on weather conditions and / or in any case of emergency.
The duration of each competition is determined by the organizers.